Easy Gluten-Free Brunch Recipe: Green Chile Egg Bake

Green chile egg bake - gluten-free
This puffy golden egg bake is easy (and pretty enough for brunch guests).

Roasted Green Chiles + Eggs = Fabulous

This simple egg bake recipe flirts with being a souffle. She imagines herself in an Anais Nin novel, puffy and voluptuous, trembling on a sunlit, blossom strewn table, about to be devoured by a Henry Miller style character, an unknown writer, all bluster and Brooklyn guff, with a surprising, childlike glint to his laughter.

In a Kerouac novel she imagines herself liquid, a stream of golden beats syncopated in hot opposition to the heart's rhythm, strangely, vertigo defyingly more in tune with how the stars blink- on and off- cradling her humble, unassuming beginnings in feather injected hay, spinning cool and restless past the farmhouse windows lit yellow by a single lamp on the center of a wooden kitchen table strewn with cereal coupons and finger smudged newspaper and coffee cups stained not with lipstick but with infinite tiny cracks, scenting the air with morning that rushes into this author's highway memory like a distant train whistle crooning its tug toward reckless freedom, toward shed dreams and mockingbird awakenings that mimic the familiar just to confuse you, just to keep you anchored, just to clip you from flying in your own, crazy trajectory, your one chance at what might be possible.

Then again.

Maybe she's just an egg recipe.

With attitude.


Gluten-Free Pan Fried Catfish

Gluten-Free Pan Fried Catfish
Golden pan fried catfish fillet with crisp baby greens and brown rice.

Life's a Beach

One of the juicy, inspiring gifts of an empty nest is the big sky freedom to pull up roots and wander. And long time readers know- we have been doing just that. Wandering our hearts out. We are gypsies. Moving six seven eight times since selling our family home on Cape Cod seven years ago, migrating West through Santa Fe, then various neighborhoods in Los Angeles county. Most recently, landing back East, in a rustic old barn one mile away from my childhood home in Connecticut. With each and every move we sold off or donated the outworn- from bookcases to boots. Trying on new digs and studios along the way, from loft style apartments to an antique carriage house.

After this beast of a winter here in the Northeast- I am once again longing to call a sun-warmed beach my home. Craving the rhythmic crash of the waves. Dreaming of open windows and simple rooms swept with sea glass tinted sunlight and salt air. Shaking out pillows and bedding that smell like surf.

{Listen to my son's music as you read this post- a song from his new album Science of Noise::

We just got back from a short week in Southern California. I walked Ocean Beach, and Coronado, and one of my favorites- Torrey Pines Beach. A handful of perfect days. No frills. No expensive meals or excursions. Just picnic style food, conversation, and walks. Mapping out the next move, exploring possibilities. Our lease here is up soon. And we need to move on.

So here's what I know.

My sons live in California.

My heart beats softer near the ocean.

A big (BIG) birthday fast approaches. The kind of birthday that causes one to blink- and consider new choices very, very carefully.

I need to live somewhere I can cup my hands and carve the space to imagine new things.


New Quinoa Bars Recipe - Blondie Style

New Quinoa Bars Recipe- with dark chocolate chips, nuts, almond meal (gluten-free)
Our new favorite quinoa bar with almond meal, lots of good vanilla and dark chocolate chips.

A New Quinoa Bar - Blondie Style

A short and sweet post to share a new gluten-free quinoa bar recipe with chocolate chips. It's a Blondie style chocolate chip cookie bar. The quinoa flakes and almond meal add texture, flavor, and protein. Not that I'd go so far as to call it health food. But. As sweet treats go?

This one's mighty tasty.